Membership Admission

South Park Ballantyne Referral Partners has an industry-exclusive policy, which means that only one member per industry-specific category can be represented. There may be crossover at some point between industries, but generally, direct competitors are not permitted to join the group. The membership will vote on all prospective members.

Renewal Application

Every year, by January 31, our current members must submit a renewal application with their dues if they wish to renew their membership. Click Here to Download the Renewal Application.


Join Us


The Process For New Applicants

Complete the short application. Click Here to Download the New Member Application.

  • Officers will review application and check references.

  • Officers and Members will vote on whether the candidate will be accepted and communicate the information within 5 days of Voting on the application.

  • If the candidate is recommended for membership, membership dues will need to be paid within 5 days.

  • The new member will be given a copy of the Purpose, Policies, and Procedures.

  • The new member will be expected to provide a head shot and bio for the website within 14 days of becoming a member.  Your membership can be subject to review if this is not provided.

  • The new member will also be asked to give a 10 minute presentation of their business within 30 days of becoming a member.