Our Purpose

The general purpose of South Park Ballantyne Referral Partners is to:

  • Assist members by promoting business development;
  • Identify business opportunities for our Members;
  • Support community outreach & community service;
  • Identify educational opportunities for our Members;
  • Generate and share business leads & referrals;
  • Network with other businesses in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.


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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision captures the essence of who we are.  We are referral partners.  Everything that we do flows from our vision which is to be the referral partners of choice in the South Park & Ballantyne market.  We are a group with trustworthy, sophisticated, talented members who have a forward-looking mindset and a business focus.  

We make our group an extraordinary place to network and share business ideas.  We have a shared destiny and understand that when one wins, we all win.  Our vision embodies all of the ways that we can provide services and solutions to others in our market(s).



Our mission is to provide our members the best value through innovation, competitiveness and dedication to each of their businesses. Developing strong, cohesive relationships allows us to provide quality referral sources. 

We are known as people with superior capabilities and commitment, both as individuals and as an organization on the whole. Therefore our long-term success requires total commitment to exemplary standards of productivity, teamwork, networking and continuous learning about the businesses of one another. 

We are dedicated to providing quality referrals for our members, while maintaining a presence in the community through service-related initiatives.

The members of South Park Ballantyne Referral Partners strive on being the partners of choice because we best exemplify collaboration and passion to our members, families, and the community.